3 Ways to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Motivation Going When Things get Rough

According to Wikipedia, motivation is “the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs.” As entrepreneurs, we all have different reasons for starting a business, and those reasons may be all that stand between us giving up or giving it one more day.

Therefore, maintaining our motivation is key. Here are three ways I’ve found that help me keep going, even on the darkest days.

1. Connect your core values and beliefs with your business success.

One of my core values is helping my community. Running a successful startup that helps others fulfill their dreams relates directly to that core value. So when the going gets tough, I reflect on this desire to help others, then on all the ways I’ve achieved this so far via my work. The result is that I’m re-energized.

Think about what your core values and beliefs are – be honest with yourself, list those values, then figure out how succeeding in your business helps you reinforce those values. These unchanging beliefs will carry you through the dark days…and you will see a few!

2. Take a break.

Starting and running a business can be exhausting. Often, fatigue can cause us to lose motivation – this is normal and happens to every entrepreneur. But not every entrepreneur is able to slow down when so many things need to be done. I’ve learned that when I start to feel my motivation slipping away, I force myself to take a break. My business can do without me for 30 minutes or an hour while I meditate, talk with a good friend, read a book, even go out for lunch instead of eating at my desk – anything that replenishes me. Those few minutes away can result in hours, even days, of renewed motivation.

3. Lean on others.

When my motivation is waning, I lean on a close team member. If you’re a one-person shop, find an accountability partner – someone supportive who will hold you accountable to your commitments and goals. There are even groups that can match you with a partner. Either way, it’s important to know yourself well enough reach out proactively, before things are at their worst.

If I’ve thought about my core values, taken a break, and am still feeling like quitting it all, I reach out to my accountability partner to discuss why I might be feeling that way, and what I can do to get motivated again. This requires honesty and self-awareness, which can be difficult at times, but is worth it to keep your business on track.

So next time you’re feeling burnt out, try these techniques. Keep challenging yourself. Keep working toward the next change. If you don’t have something in your repertoire, develop it. We’re here to help. We believe in the growth mindset for entrepreneurs, and we’re building a startup community to help you connect to other entrepreneurs and be more successful. Join us!