3 Chrome Plugins that Really Help Entrepreneur Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions every day. With so many responsibilities, effectively managing your time to be your most productive can be difficult. I also find that tasks that are interesting to me are done more quickly than those I’d rather not do.

This procrastination causes “non-urgent” chores to eventually become “emergencies”.  Here are three Chrome plugins, with links, that I’ve found can helps with my productivity.

RescueTime monitors your usage of both websites and applications, then categorizes that usage to determine your productivity score. It also provides detailed reports of your activity, so you can better identify where and how you’re spending your time. You can then set productivity goals, like “I will spend less than 15 minutes today on Facebook,” and compete with yourself to meet those goals and increase your productivity score. This extension comes in premium and free versions.

Low on impulse control after hours of work, then StayFocusd is the plugin for you. It allows you to better manage the time you spend online by blocking, for a few minutes or a few hours, specific sites or pages you select. You can set browsing time quotas for social media, then once you have met your quota, you’re blocked from visiting those sites for the rest of the day. The “nuclear” option blocks all sites for a specified amount of time. You can use it as your own personal “Do Not Disturb” sign. This plugin has changed the way we work and has been the most helpful in improving our productivity.

Webtime Tracker
Rather than block your access to sites, Webtime Tracker shows you, right in your browser, how much time you’ve spent on a site. And since you probably use data dashboards to guide decisions for your business, this plugin provides a similar experience by giving you the data to make decisions about your online activity. Webtime Tracker’s extensive reporting tools help you discover your browsing habits using scannable charts and graphs. The data is available daily, as well as aggregated over time.

Regardless of which productivity tool you choose, the first step is recognizing the importance of time management, focus, and efficiency in the daily operations of your company. Perhaps one or more of these plugins will help you, and we would like to help you as well. If you have any questions, please contact us and learn how we can assist you in becoming a more productive entrepreneur.